Friday, March 1, 2013


I have started A blog that I hope will be a motivation for me and others to do the things they and I have been wanting to do for so long. Lets hope it works :)
I am working with a close friends of ours to help bring him business as a financial planner and am also looking for some part time childcare work as well.
We are closing on our home on March 28 and I cant WAIT! I am so excited to be settling down finally. This will will be our 9th move in our 7 years of marriage. Can you believe that?
I am also thinking hard about becoming a Norwex consultant. Gotta still talk it out with Paul but I think i would be good at it.
This is a quick update and kinda all over the place but I am trying to stay on top of this blog too since I don't do much writing in my journal. :)
See you next time.

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